Web-based Technical Data Packages (TDP)

Do you waste time sharing and re-sharing product data?

Many people spend half their time finding, packaging, sharing, and explaining product data via email and file sharing applications. This file-based approach risks intellectual property leaks and leaves little time for product innovation. What part of product data sharing wastes your time?

anark-solutions-Technical Data Packages-Lost Communications

Miscommunications and Errors 

anark-solutions-Technical Data Packages-No Standard Data Packages

Repackaging Data for Clarification

anark-solutions-Supplier Collaboration-Inaccurate Data-Information

Incomplete or Incorrect Data Shared

How we help

Our software packages and publishes your product data so you don't have to and provide activity-based collaboration to answer questions in the context of the data being discussed. Web-based TDPs are easily accessed on any device, marked up for clarification, and discussed in real-time chat with full trace of who said what and when. Recover valuable time by streamlining TDP creation and collaborate with the confidence that your embedded PMI and MBD data is accurately represented with high-fidelity.


Anark Workstation

Publish technical data packages, 3D PDFs, and file-less web content that is easy to consume for everyone and author recipes that power a repeatable process and enable automation.


Anark Collaborate

Securely share technical data with everyone who needs access to them. Collaborate in the context of the data with markup and chat tools and trace communication so you can streamline your process.


Anark Publish

Integrate Anark Publish into your PLM system and make the most of your time by automating the extraction and publication of technical data packages from authoritative source systems.

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