Modern collaboration for manufacturers

Stop collaborating with screenshots, email and file sharing apps. Start optimizing operations and innovate faster.

Digital collaboration changes the way you work

Our solutions are focused on saving time, improving quality and reducing manufacturing costs by making technical data accessible and actionable for everyone who needs it. That’s it. Connect the data and conversations from engineering to anyone who needs it. Improve performance across manufacturing, procurement and sourcing, suppliers and service teams.

Supplier Collaboration for Manufacturing

Improve performance and quality by collaborating in real-time with suppliers, contract manufacturers, and other external partners. Exchange design data and documents, trace communications and collaborate in the context of product data with your entire extended team.

Supplier Collaboration

Web-based Technical Data Packages (TDP)

Recover valuable engineering time by streamlining the packaging of all relevant product information into an easy-to-consume file-less format and collaborate with the confidence that your embedded PMI and MBD data is accurately represented with high-fidelity.

Technical Data Packages

3D PDF Technical Data Packages (TDP)

Meet MIL-STD-31000B requirements for creating and distributing 3Di PDF technical data packages to your suppliers, partners, and customers.


New Product Introduction (NPI) Data Release

Reduce errors by automating the gathering of all necessary data for engineering to release to manufacturing, securely share it, and collaborate in real-time with downstream consumers of the information. The right version to the right people at the right time.


Long-term Archival & Retrieval

Preserve valuable technical data without sacrificing quick search. Include BOM, PMI, and other product specifications to support efficient maintenance, sustainment, and manufacturing of replacement parts well into the future with subtractive and additive manufacturing processes.


Work Instructions

Share visually rich, relevant product data (BOM, PMI, 2D/3D CAD, pictures, videos) with internal and external manufacturing teams to improve worker productivity. Reduce the risk of scrap, rework and costly delays by collaborating with experts to deliver an efficient, repeatable process.


Our Software Suite

Our visual collaboration products automate the sourcing and publishing of high-fidelity product data so you don't have to, simplify sharing so the work starts faster, and connect conversations with content via real-time collaboration to avoid miscommunication, errors, scrap and rework.

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