3D PDF Technical Data Packages 

Are you delayed by requirements to produce 3D PDFs?

Producing accurate 3D PDFs to share engineering product data is a cumbersome process that risks delivery delays. This is especially true when MIL-STD-31000B compliant 3Di PDFs are a required deliverable for government contracts. How is 3D PDF generation delaying your product innovation and delivery?

anark-solutions-3D PDF-No Standard File Creation Process

Incomplete or Incorrect Data Shared

anark-solutions-Work Instructions-Labor Intensive

Labor Intensive Processes

anark-solutions-3D PDF-IP Securiity Risks

Repackaging Data for Compliance

How we help

Our products produce MIL-STD-31000B compliant 3Di PDF technical data packages so you can focus on engineering and manufacturing great products. Recover valuable time by streamlining TDP creation and distribute 3D PDFs to your suppliers, partners, and customers with the confidence that your embedded PMI and MBD data is accurately represented with high-fidelity.


Anark Workstation

Publish technical data packages, 3D PDFs, and file-less web content that is easy to consume for everyone and author recipes that power a repeatable process and enable automation.


Anark Collaborate

Securely share technical data with everyone who needs access to them. Collaborate in the context of the data with markup and chat tools and trace communication so you can streamline your process.


Anark Publish

Integrate Anark Publish into your PLM system and make the most of your time by automating the extraction and publication of technical data packages from authoritative source systems.

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