Supply Chain Collaboration for Manufacturing

Simplify collaboration across your supply chain

Empower supply chain and procurement leaders by connecting your supply chain to your manufacturing digital thread. Get comprehensive visibility everywhere, from early sourcing through manufacturing and delivery.

Increase supplier collaboration at every point along the supply chain

Anark is the first supply chain collaboration software that makes it easy to share and collaborate on the model-based digital product definition. Successfully connect your digital thread, improve communication, and increase productivity for your entire supply chain, including product development, engineering, suppliers, and manufacturing teams. Start saving time finding, packaging, sharing, and discussing your data.

Benefits of Supply Chain Collaboration


Increase Supplier Performance

  • Quickly and securely share technical data anywhere on the supply chain
  • Automatically share essential engineering information with the right stakeholders
  • Eliminate versioning issues and reduce time spent deciphering information

Improve Delivery Forecast

  • Answer supplier questions immediately using chat and other collaboration tools
  • Remove delays and roadblocks with real-time visibility into supplier performance
  • Effortlessly collaborate with suppliers to improve any part of the supply chain

Enhance Product Quality

  • Ensure each supplier can access and understand the latest product data
  • Automatically source, assemble, and share information from multiple systems of record
  • Discuss production progress in context of work with activity-based collaboration

What can you do with Anark?

Our visual collaboration products enable your team to collaborate in the context of the product data you are exchanging with your supply chain. At any point, you and your suppliers can easily ask questions, view designs, and automatically update data — all while organizing your communications on one platform, preventing miscommunication and costly scrap and rework.


Anark Workstation

Build recipe-driven Technical Data Packages in one dynamic desktop app. Automation powers repeatable processes, reduces errors, and gets the same great results every time, minus the hassle.


Anark Collaborate

A living collaboration platform where anyone can share, access, and discuss technical product data in real-time. No more waiting for answers, more getting things built.


Anark Publish

Deploy an intelligent technical publishing engine that syncs with your existing systems and automates the finding, packaging, and publishing of data from CAD, PLM, and ERP systems.

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