Anark Workstation

Desktop app for creating recipe-driven Technical Data Packages (TDPs). Use by Engineers and other TDP authors to reduce repetitive work and optimize product data collaboration.


No-hassle Technical Data Packages (TDP)

Anark Workstation understands technical data package (TDP) creation so you don't have to. Author recipes that power a repeatable process and enable automation. Use templates to get the same great result every time. Publish TDPs as file-less web content and 3D PDFs that are easy for everyone to consume. What are you going to do with all your free time?

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Specify how imported data is transformed and presented to create technical data packages via easy to define recipes.  Reuse recipes to save hours of repackaging or deploy them to Anark Publish for automated TDP publishing.

Select one of our standard templates, including MIL-STD-31000B compliant 3Di PDF layouts, or create your own, then publish directly to a file-less web TDP in Anark Collaborate or 3D PDF. 

Whether you are an advanced model-based definition (MBD) organization or just getting started, our CAD adapters fully understand your data and translate native CAD designs into ready-to-share 3D PDF and file-less TDPs.  

CAD Adapters and Integrations

Our CAD adapters allow Anark Workstation to understand all major CAD systems, producing accurate high-fidelity TDPs that can be used for manufacturing to the highest quality standards. To take advantage of your ASME Y.14 standards, MIL-STD-31000B compliant 3Di PDFs, and other model-based definition practices, our CAD adapters deliver all your product manufacturing information (PMI) to everyone who needs it.

Better collaboration = better products

Powered by our products, our clients optimize supplier collaboration while protecting IP, reduce manufacturing costs resulting from scrap and rework, and make all your product data accessible and actionable for anyone on any device.

Reduce costs and refocus on innovation

Communicate in model-based 3D and Reduce Manufacturing Costs.

Simplify data package creation with repeatable recipes and templates.


savings on annual part fabrication costs by sharing 3D TDP vs. 2D


engineering time saved that is spent on preparing, packaging, and recreating technical data

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Transform they way you work – with Anark

Get to solutions faster. The Anark Suite enables real-time collaboration across the entire manufacturing process, from product design to delivery to sustainment. Put the tools for better, faster innovation into your team's hands and see the results right away.

Stop wasting engineering time on getting the data to the people that need it. Automate data sharing from the authoritative source(s) so you can stay focused on innovation and simplify secure data access for everyone. 

Why just share product data? Collaborate and communicate in the context of the data you share. Mark up designs and files. Discuss problems. Answer questions. All in a mobile-first experience that anyone can use on any device. 

Learn from experience. 15 years of work with manufacturing customers is built into our products. That's why we deliver high fidelity technical data packages with PMI from a variety of CAD, PLM and ERP sources to get it right the first time. 

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