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Mobile-first content collaboration platform with instant chat, where anyone can share, access, and discuss technical product data. Work together asynchronously without losing any time waiting for answers.


A seamless collaboration hub for every stakeholder

Manufacturing collaboration today can be a clunky, costly operation for internal and external teams, characterized by constant packaging and repackaging of files, problems in sharing and accessing file formats, finding and checking data in disparate locations, and ongoing delays. What if you could access a seamless collaboration hub connecting engineering, manufacturing, procurement, suppliers, customers, service and more...

The solution is here: Meet the Anark Collaborate platform.

Extend access to your complex technical data without the complexity of your technical data management systems. Take advantage of advanced security features available with file-less collaboration like time-limited access, session aware watermarking, and print/download restrictions. 

Stop using separate email and file sharing apps to collaborate. Upload and share files including 3D models, mark up and discuss shared content, and answer questions all in one place. Add Anark Publish to synchronize published data with PDM and PLM.

Traced activity feeds let you "replay" collaborative discussions with markups so you know what worked, what didn't, who said it, and when. Resolve issues before they become bigger problems. 

PLM Integrations and CAD Adapters

Our PDM and PLM integrations automate the publishing of high-fidelity technical data packages (TDPs) from authoritative sources to Anark Collaborate, synchronizing collaboration with your workflows. Our CAD adapters deliver all your product manufacturing information (PMI) to everyone who needs it.

Better collaboration = better products

Powered by our products, our clients optimize supplier collaboration while protecting IP, reduce manufacturing costs resulting from scrap and rework, and make all your product data accessible and actionable for anyone on any device.

Reduce costs and quality issues with fewer errors



reduction of engineering errors by collaborating in the context of shared technical data.

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Transform they way you work – with Anark

Learn from experience. 15 years of work with manufacturing customers is built into our products. That's why we deliver high fidelity technical data packages with PMI from a variety of CAD, PLM and ERP sources to get it right the first time.

Stop wasting engineering time on getting the data to the people that need it. Automate data sharing from the authoritative source(s) so you can stay focused on innovation and simplify secure data access for everyone.

Why just share product data? Collaborate and communicate in the context of the data you share. Mark up designs and files. Discuss problems. Answer questions. All in a mobile-first experience that anyone can use on any device. 

We have 15 years of work experience in the manufacturing industry built into our products. That's why we deliver high fidelity technical data packages with PMI from a variety of CAD, PLM, and ERP sources to help you get it right the first time.

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