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Industrial Intelligence

Discover how Anark Core™ intelligent information management (IIM) accelerates digital transformation.

Connecting People to the Digital Thread

Securely connect your people to a digital thread of information and expertise with multi-system sourced information, model-based information, secure file-less content, real-time chat and collaboration tools.

Anark - How it works overview video

Anark Core transforms technical data and files into use-case-specific content, offering secure access, visual collaboration, and work/quality data management for supply chain procurement, manufacturing, and field service/maintenance operations.


Anark Core Workstation

Desktop software used to create server-side “recipes” for publishing automation workflows, and subject-matter-expert authoring for technical content generation.

Anark Core Server

Publishing automation services for recipe-based technical data transformation and content publishing, available on premises or SaaS in the cloud, with a lightweight integration architecture using microservices.

Anark Core MBEWeb

Content management services available on premises or SaaS in the cloud for hosting technical content, with search, content-aware DRM, activities-based collaboration, transactional work/quality management, and IOT support, with a lightweight integration architecture using microservices.

Customer Digital Transformation

With Anark, companies and government organizations connect their people to the digital thread, realizing new levels of engineering and supplier collaboration, manufacturing operational efficiency, and field service optimization.

Anark 30 Second Overview - May2021