Industrial Intelligence

Discover how Anark Core™ intelligent information management (IIM) accelerates digital transformation.

Anark Core transforms technical data into use-case-specific content, offering managed access and visual collaboration from nearly any device, with modern digital workflows.


Anark Core Workstation

Desktop authoring software used to create server-side “recipes” for publishing automation workflows, and subject-matter-expert authoring for technical content generation.

Anark Core Server

Cloud-ready server-side publishing automation services for recipe-based technical data transformation and content publishing, with a lightweight integration architecture using microservices.

Anark Core MBEWeb

Cloud-ready web content management services for hosting template-based technical content, with search, content-aware DRM, activities-based collaboration, and IOT support, with a lightweight integration architecture using microservices.


Anark serves companies in aerospace, automotive, energy, high-tech, transportation, marine, and medical equipment, with a worldwide network of technology and implementation partners.

Anark helps market leaders such as GE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Allison Transmission, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, Ericsson, and TE Connectivity with their Digital Transformation, leveraging smart technical content and modern digital workflows to streamline supply chain procurement, manufacturing, and field service operations.

Anark is Connecting the Digital Thread™