Technical Product Data Meets Enterprise Collaboration

Connect everyone to the technical data and expertise they need so everyone can communicate and collaborate without compromise.

Our Products

Our products automate the sourcing and publishing of technical data so you don't have to, simplify sharing so the work starts faster, and connect conversations with content to avoid miscommunication, errors, scrap and rework.


Anark Collaborate

People use our collaboration platform for content management, access management, and advanced collaboration combining mark-up with real-time chat. It allows everyone to collaborate in the context of data, resolve issues, and ask questions efficiently. 

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Anark Workstation

People use our desktop product to create reusable publishing recipes that transform 3D CAD and other technical data into 3D PDF and file-less technical data packages (TDP). Publish and share technical data packages via any PDF reader or publish direct to Anark Collaborate to share, discuss, mark up, track access, and optimize technical data collaboration.

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Anark Publish

Publishing automation services automate the process of finding, packaging, and publishing data from one or more sources with reference integrations and APIs with all major CAD, PLM, and ERP systems. Spend less time sharing, recreating, and updating data, and more time on innovation.

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How it works

Upload & Access

Upload data directly from your desktop or automate the finding, extraction, and packaging from authoritative systems so you don't have to. Access all your data from a singular platform – even if you have data stored in multiple systems.

Create & Collaborate

Create your technical data package with all your team’s communication, product designs, bill of materials, and more. Throughout the creative process, collaborate with your team in the context of the data on a single platform.  

Publish & Protect

Publish your technical data packages automatically based on lifecycle and workflow triggers so everyone has accurate data at all times. Protect your data with advanced security measures, including session-aware watermarks and time-limited access, so you can securely share with confidence.

Our Solutions

Powered by our products, our solutions optimize supplier collaboration while protecting IP, reduce manufacturing costs resulting from scrap and rework, and make all your product data accessible and actionable for anyone on any device.

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