Long-term Archival & Retrieval

Is old product design data scattered across multiple systems?

Creating a complete product definition the first time is challenging. Finding that complete specification later in the product's serviceable lifetime is critical to avoiding unnecessary costs.  And finding that data fast is out of the question. What are the sources of your unnecessary sustainment costs?

anark-solutions-Supplier Collaboration-Inaccurate Data-Information

Inaccurate Data

anark-solutions-Long Term Data Archives-Outdated Storage

Outdated Formats and Platforms

anark-solutions-Long Term Data Archives-Scattered Data

Scattered Data

anark-solutions-Long Term Data Archives-No Standard Protocols

No Standard Protocols

How we help

Our products understand your design data and produce highly accurate technical data packages that are easily searchable throughout a product’s lifespan. And all you'll need is a web browser. These web-based data packages can include 2D, 3D, BOM, PMI, documents, and other product specifications to support efficient maintenance, sustainment, and manufacturing of replacement parts well into the future with subtractive and additive manufacturing.


Anark Workstation

Publish technical data packages, 3D PDFs, and file-less web content that is easy to consume for everyone and author recipes that power a repeatable process and enable automation.


Anark Collaborate

Securely share technical data with everyone who needs access to them. Collaborate in the context of the data with markup and chat tools and trace communication so you can streamline your process.


Anark Publish

Integrate Anark Publish into your PLM system and make the most of your time by automating the extraction and publication of technical data packages from authoritative source systems.

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