Intelligent Supplier Collaboration

Optimize supplier performance, responsiveness, and collaboration by connecting your supply chain to your digital manufacturing thread. Empower supply chain and procurement leaders with supplier visibility from early sourcing through manufacturing and delivery.

See the customer spotlight of GE Gas Power and how they are effectively leveraging Model-Based Engineering data across their extended supply chain. 

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Reduced Manufacturing Costs

Improve Supplier Performance

  • Quickly and efficiently prepare model-based technical data to share digitally with suppliers, in a secure environment
  • Reduce response times for RFx processes by automatically sharing all pertinent information in a collaborative space
  • Remove interpretation errors, versioning issues and time spent deciphering information through visual information
Improved Delivery Forecasts

Improve Supplier Forecasts

  • Eradicate production delays by addressing supplier questions quickly and collaboratively in real-time chat
  • Understand supplier performance from early RFx through delivery with real-time collaboration tools
  • Gain greater visibility into production delays in real time, and resolve collaboratively
Improved Product Quality

Improve Quality, Reduce Risk

  • Suppliers immediately understand all required tolerances from digital data
  • Shop floor staff communicate quality and measurement feedback in a secure, collaborative environment
  • All teams immediately have access to and can understand critical QA characteristics in the correct model-based information

Transforming GE Power’s Digital Supply Chain

“With Anark our error rate has gone down to 5% to 10% which is much lower than it used to be.” -Kena Yokoyama, Engineering Manager for Product Definition, GE Gas Power.  Hear an excerpt of Kena's success story, and access the full interview below.

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Secure IP Across The Manufacturing Supply Chain

Sharing technical data with suppliers introduces efficiencies as well as security risks. Here are the top questions and answers to overcoming cybersecurity challenges from top security-focused companies and government organizations.

Secure IP Cybersecurity
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Anark Core Solutions for Intelligent Supplier Collaboration

Anark Core enables companies to deliver dynamic work packages, visual work instructions and real-time collaboration to its suppliers to optimize manufacturing operations. Download the Anark Core datasheet and explore Anark Core Workstation, Server and MBEWeb to learn more.

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Dynamic Manufacturing Work Packages

Automatic RFx Data Exchange

Automatically source, assemble and publish files and model-based information from multiple systems of record to power highly efficient early sourcing activities.

Secure IP with DRM

Secure Extended Access

Digitally release all required technical content to your suppliers and internal teams with multi-layered security that protects your IP while streamlining collaboration. 

Real-time Supply Chain Collaboration

Real-time Collaboration

Activity based collaboration means your people and your suppliers discuss progress in the context of their work before they become delivery delays or quality problems. 

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