Supplier Collaboration for Manufacturing

What’s preventing effective supplier collaboration?

Frictionless collaboration with contract manufacturers and other strategic suppliers is key for ensuring on-time delivery of innovative, quality products. What’s stopping your team from getting there?

anark-solutions-Supplier Collaboration-Multiple Sources of Truth

Multiple Sources of Truth

anark-solutions-Supplier Collaboration-Inaccurate Data-Information

Inaccurate, Out of Date Data

anark-solutions-Supplier Collaboration-Internal Miscommunications

Untraced Communication

anark-solutions-NPI Data Release-Insufficient Processes

Disconnected Email and File sharing

How We Help

Turn procurement, sourcing, and strategic suppliers into innovation centers. Our visual collaboration products allow your team to collaborate in the context of the product data you are working with. You and your suppliers can easily ask questions, view designs, automatically update and rerelease data after specific milestones, and keep your communications on one platform – preventing miscommunication and costly scrap and rework. 


Anark Workstation

Publish technical data packages, 3D PDFs, and file-less web content that is easy to consume for everyone and author recipes that power a repeatable process and enable automation.


Anark Collaborate

Securely share technical data with everyone who needs it. Collaborate in the context of the data with markup and chat tools. Trace communication so you can do more of what works, and less of what doesn't.


Anark Publish

Integrate Anark Publish into your PLM system and make the most of your time by automating the extraction and publication of technical data packages from authoritative source systems.

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