Configurable Smart Watermarks for Enhanced IP Security

Watch the brief demo video below to see how Anark Collaborate redefines collaboration for manufacturers.

What problem does this solve? IP security is critically important, especially when collaborating with external partners, contract manufacturers and other supplier collaboration. But once files are shared, transferred, or downloaded, generic content collaboration platforms and product data management systems do nothing to trace access and deter bad practices that put sensitive IP at risk. 

How does Anark Collaborate solve the problem? Anark Collaborate utilizes file-less content and configurable smart watermarks for enhanced IP security. File-less content means that all you need is Anark Collaborate and a web browser on any device to access technical product data. By default, there are no files to download so information cannot be shared without sharing login credentials.  With Anark Collaborate user access logging, you have full trace of user access at any time. This dramatically reduces IP risk, but still leaves data vulnerable to screenshots shared via email. And some users may require download access. That’s why Anark Collaborate provides configurable watermarks for both file-less web content visualization and downloaded content. These smart watermarks and sensitivity labels combine rich text specific to security policies with traced log data to display who accessed it, when, and from what IP address. Secure your product data exchange process while improving supplier collaboration, manufacturing and service operations, design package delivery to customers, and innovate faster!