Drag Drop and Collaborate on Solidworks Designs

Watch the brief demo video below to see how Anark Collaborate redefines collaboration for manufacturers.

What problem does this solve? Sharing Solidworks designs via file sharing tools is clunky. Product data management tools don't provide modern collaboration and communication capabilities that match the way people work. Email attachments are a collaboration headache that puts your IP at risk. All of this slows you and your suppliers down, and creates delivery delays with your customers. 

How does Anark Collaborate solve the problem? With Anark Collaborate, sharing, reviewing, and discussing Solidworks designs is as easy as drag drop and collaborate. No more disconnects between product data management systems, file sharing tools, and communication apps. All you need is Anark Collaborate and a web browser on any device for all-in-one Solidworks collaboration. Share designs, visualize and review, create markups and collaborate in the context of the design, communicate and chat in real-time with the recipients of the design. Improve supplier collaboration, simplify data sharing, quickly deliver design packages to customers, connect your conversations with your design data, and innovate faster!