Anark Workstation R74 Highlights for Work Instruction Authoring

Watch the brief demo video below to see how Anark Workstation redefines work instruction authoring for manufacturers.

What problem does this solve? Manufacturing engineers, technical publication authors, and other technical writers struggle to author 3D work instructions with clear visual cues that are easy for operators and technicians to consume and understand. 

How does Anark Workstation solve the problem? Anark Workstation has added new features to make 3D work instruction authoring easier than ever, resulting in visually rich, easy to understand instructions and procedures. With the 4.5.74 release, authors can now add, modify, or remove 3D primitive geometry objects; positioning, orienting, and resizing the objects to provide clear visual direction. Selected 3D components can now point to a chosen 3D face / surface. This can be done by dragging the component to snap to the face, or by specifying numeric coordinate values in the component properties. This makes it possible to spin, resize and manipulate the 3D model while the added objects “stick” to the 3D face, maintaining their intended effect. Authors can also now modify color, transparency, and flashing animation for any 3D component. These 3D component effects can be captured as part of a sequence to clearly communicate visual work instructions. With Anark Workstation, content authors have access to the 3D product data they need in a tool designed to author visual 3D instructions; operators and technicians receive the 3D visual information they need to get the job done; the business reduces manufacturing and service costs; and everyone innovates faster!