Siemens Realize Live 2024

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May 2024 Las Vegas, NV:  Anark was sponsor of the VERY busy Siemens Realize Live 2024 event where we continued our digital transformation engagements with customers and partners who are using the Siemens Digital Industries Software products.  Anark customers connect Siemens Teamcenter PLM and NX to automate Technical Data publishing and collaboration processes that extend their digital thread to everyone inside and outside their organization. This enables connections between engineering, procurement, contract manufacturers and others in a collaboration environment finely tuned to modernize, automate and leverage their Siemens's investment, and achieve substantially improved efficiency and performance.  


Anark makes manufacturing collaboration easier by providing a technical data collaboration environment that accommodates the hundreds of touchpoints between manufacturers, engineering, suppliers, procurement, and customers. Most collaborative processes are clunky, slow, and frustrating and often involve proprietary viewers and formats that claim to be standards. Anark's connects all your teams to product data and input they need – in real time. Take the hassle out of product manufacturing by connecting data and conversations between all stakeholders.

Collaborate without compromise using NX, JT, Teamcenter data combined with Supply Chain Management or Identity Management Systems already in place exploiting Role Based Access Controls.  Create Technical Data Packages that are easier to create, distribute, control and collaborate with. Effortlessly provide access to 3D MBD CAD, BOM and documents in real time using pure 3D PDFs that only need free Adobe Products to view, or standard web browsers without add-ons or plug-ins via the Anark Collaborate platform.

Anark has a number of customers within the Siemens community who have found success such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, U.S. Air Force, Purdue, GE Gas Power and more.  Have a look at the 4 big takeaways from Realize Live 2023 from Patrick Dunfey, Anark VP of Marketing and Alliances.

Siemens Anark Integrations

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