Anark Publish automation with Siemens Teamcenter

Watch the brief demo video below to see how Anark Publish with the Siemens Teamcenter Reference Integration uses Siemens Teamcenter packages to simplify the creation of Anark Collaborate content.

What problem does this solve? Engineers spend 50% of their time finding, preparing, packaging, and sharing just the right information out of PLM systems (admin effort), rather than focusing on innovation (innovation effort). By doing this, engineers have become the human-powered digital thread. That’s because the extraction often results in an inconsistent accumulation of zip files and screenshots filled with documents, 2D drawings, Bill of Materials, 3D CAD and much more. And preparing special views for downstream consumers of the data creates unplanned work, and disconnected one-off files and screenshots, This labor-intensive process not only slows innovation, but it also introduces errors that lead to scrap, rework, quality issues and missed delivery targets. Modern manufacturers and their suppliers need a simple, repeatable way to create Technical Data Packages (TDPs) that can be shared, understood, and consumed by organizations with an assortment of IT, PLM, and CAD systems. 

How does Anark solve the problem? The Siemens Teamcenter Reference Integration for Anark Publish has features that allow Siemens customers to use Teamcenter Packages to quickly assemble a Teamcenter-based TDP and publish to Anark Collaborate. In Siemens Teamcenter, a package is a collection of related objects that you want to share with a recipient for use outside of Teamcenter. Teamcenter supports this type of configurable delivery option to meet external collaboration requirements and the Anark reference integration for Siemens Teamcenter taps directly into packages that have been created, along with any defined workflows, to allow for the efficient creation and update of content in Anark Collaborate. Collection rules, change objects, and other workflows along with filters of content and BOM data and more can be applied to fine tune the TDP publishing process. This results in Anark Collaborate content (TDPs) that contain all the information needed and remain fully synced with any version-controlled changes to the Teamcenter-managed data. All someone needs to view the TDP is a standard web browser without plug-ins or add-ons. Of course, the Teamcenter Reference integration also supports ad-hoc data sharing ("Share to Anark" from a menu pick in Teamcenter), recipe-based publishing to prepare the data for you, automated publishing without Teamcenter Packages, as well as MIL-STD-31000B compliant 3D PDFs. Automate digital thread collaboration to give everyone inside and outside your organization simple, secure access to the technical product information they need and innovate faster!