Our Favorite Slices of Pi ... Day

Pi Day is the annual celebration of that infinitely ongoing number that starts with 3.14159. Also a fantastic opportunities for pun jokes of all shapes and sizes. People have competed with one another to memorize the most digits (the record is 70,000!). Scientists and engineers have used it to calculate orbits, link theory and simulation with real world complexity, and model fluid mechanics to design a variety of products in the modern world.   

Given the number of engineering teams, product designers and manufacturers we work with that inherently use Pi, we felt it was worth a Pi Day post to share some of the highlights our team at Anark found the most interesting. Here are the top 4 posts we found this year that inform, inspire, and excite us about this small yet infinitely complex number that continues to help develop great products and technological advancements. Grab a cup of coffee, take a quick break to clear your head before that next breakthrough, and enjoy our favorite slices of Pi ... Day. 

First up, Wired explores whether it is rational (or irrational) to celebrate Pi Day. You bet they made that joke in the article! But it's also an interesting post on number systems. If you love math, this one's for you


The New York Times reviews the origin of Pi, and it's profound impact on modern science, engineering and design. It also has one of our favorite simple visuals and thought exercises to understand how Pi was originally derived by Archimedes. 

The annual NASA Pi Day Challenge gives students a chance to use Pi like scientists and engineers.  Calculate orbits, moon surface mappings, asteroid density, and analyze the environment of the world's coral reefs. Seriously, Pi is everywhere!

a number of planets orbit around a central orange star in perfect circles


Live Science lists 12 fun facts about Pi. We don't want to spoil the 12 surprising facts, but the most digits of Pi ever calculated is incredible! Especially when you consider how long it takes to scroll through 1 million digits of Pi.  

An illustration of the mathematical symbol pi etched into a piece of pi on a green background


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