Anark's Award-Winning NAVAIR PMA-261 3D Digital Transformation Project

Updated April 3, 2022:

Anark helped PMA-261 (CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter) become the first Model-Based Design program at NAVAIR, along with being the first Navy Program Manager Air (PMA) to instantiate a PLM system based on Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE.  Programs such as PMA-261 receive OEM data in modern CAD/PLM formats that still require quality checking, PLM population, and Technical Data Package (TDP) publishing and validation before these TDPs can be delivered to organizations that need to reuse this data.

Anark, ITI, Razorleaf Government Solutions and the NAVAIR PMA-261 program defined an automated system for the creation, validation and delivery of standards-based TDPs, 3Di documents, to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and other NAVAIR-based engineering teams based on MIL-STD-31000B to guide the structure of these packages for future provisioning, cataloging and sustainment needs.

Anark has been co-presenting an overview of this unique Technical Data Packaging (TDP) publication and validation approach at recent events such as:

The overview presentation outlines the architecture, operation, and projected benefits for an automated 3D PDF TDP (often known as a 3Di) publishing and validation system that is applicable to any organizations looking to improve the quality of standards based Technical Data Package delivery. Anark used this technology to power successful automation for PMA-261. 

Note that in the near future, the DLA is leaning towards a secure cloud based approach for which Anark is already enabling on-premise and other cloud based deployments for this same type of technical data.  

MxD Selects Anark Collaborate to prove out solutions for the DLA

Download the Award-Winning NAVAIR PMA-261 3D Digital Transformation Presentation

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