Anark 4.5.81 Release Announcement

December 13, 2023 - Anark announces that Release 4.5.81 is now available and includes new features, enhancements, and updates based on customer feedback and industry demand. Additional information can be found in the release documentation. Releases occur every 4-6 weeks and can be immediately applied to SaaS or On-Premise environments. Together with early access to PLM and CAD partner releases, our agile release process delivers continuous value improvement to our customers.

Anark Release 4.5.81

Anark Collaborate Enhancements:

Measurement of 3D Models in Anark Collaborate:

Visualizing and verifying measurements is essential for effective 3D design collaboration. Anark Collaborate now brings 3D measurement capabilities to anyone (with secure role-based access) on any device. Measurements are displayed as a hybrid 3D/2D presentation of markup information using the same annotation framework Anark Collaborate has for markup collaboration capabilities.

Initial measurement features include:

1. Vertex to Vertex measurement – Preview highlighting and "snap to" selected vertex make measuring easy and accurate. Select two points to display the measurement between two vertexes along with their corresponding X,Y,Z projections. 

Anark Collaborate Linear Measurement Mobile

2. Occurrence location measurement – Verifying coordinate system location is a key part of visual design inspection and collaboration. This feature allows anyone to select an object within a 3D model, and display the corresponding X,Y,Z coordinates of that objects position in space within the models defined coordinates.

Anark Collaborate Occurrence Measurement Desktop

Measurement tools are accessible via a keyboard shortcut for this release as Anark starts to introduce it as a Beta capability that will be expanded and completed in 2024.

Anark Collaborate Low-Code Content Template API Beta:

Reusable content templates have been a core part of Anark Collaborate for a number of years and allow for simplification and standardization of published 3D CAD, 2D drawings, Bill of Materials, metadata, properties, images, documents and more. Templates also provide print features that leverage 3D CAD model views to help organizations move to a 3D model-based definition (MBD) while providing 2D print capabilities that many organizations still require, and often prefer. 

This release introduces new low-code templates for technical content management and collaboration. Customers and partners will now be able to develop customer use case experiences for their users while ensuring forward compatibility with a steady stream of new Anark Collaborate features, including new template capabilities (see below). These new templates include interactive web-based documentation that allows you to perfect your unique template configuration. 

Low Code Template API Capability List

Table 1. Low-Code Content Template Capabilities

While Low-Code template capabilities are in Beta, they are not intended as a replacement for existing legacy content templates which will continue to work for the foreseeable future. For any questions, including future migration options from legacy to Low-Code templates, please talk to your account manager or contact Anark Support

One other key capability in this release is Balloon note cross-highlighting where clicking on balloon notes will now highlight the balloon note and the PMI/Geometry associated with the balloon note. Note that this is supported across all the major 3D MBD CAD systems Anark supports.

Anark Publish Enhancements:

CAD Integration Enhancements:

CREO Adapter – Added support for Creo 10.

NX Adapter  - NX Version 2306 was added in Release 4.5.81 and Anark will support NX Releases 2206, 2212 and 2306, as determined between Anark and our partner Siemens. Some technical issues were discovered in a Siemens API by Anark that were quickly resolved with the help of Siemens, but there are some limitations with some releases and please contact Anark with any questions on these supported NX releases.  Siemens was able to create and backport a fix to the bug discovered after which Anark was able to update and verify the functionality of specific versions of 2206, 2212 and 2306.

Anark PLM Integrations (Windchill and Teamcenter) Enhancements:

Several enhancements have been added to Anark's PLM integrations to improve time to value for complex PLM integration and data publishing:

  • PLM integrations have been enhanced to continue the publishing process while also logging the publishing issue. This ensures that publishing completes successfully when only a small publishing issue occurs.
  • CAD data component publishing issues are now published as a viewable data component with details of the publication process in lieu of the actual data component. This enhancement allows for rapid resolution of publishing issues without navigating system log files. This capability will be enhanced in coming releases to support non-CAD item publishing as well.
  • Email notification of publishing summary reports have been enhanced to display more detailed log information for a better understanding of how translation jobs have proceeded, and to accelerate resolution of any issues.


In case you missed it, Release 4.5.80 information is here.

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