Fast, Flexible, Smart Search

Watch the brief demo video below to see how Anark Collaborate redefines collaboration for manufacturers.

What problem does this solve? With many specialized systems used across manufacturers, finding the specific data and information you need is challenging and sometimes impossible because you simply don’t have access. Even with access, you often have multiple windows open for many applications and must coordinate, track and merge search activities across teams, email, PLM, within CAD systems, document storage and more. And with technical product data, you need to download and open it before you know if it contains the information you are looking for.

How does Anark Collaborate solve the problem? Anark Collaborate levels the playing field for everyone in need of technical product data with fast, flexible, smart search. Smart search understands technical product data and your search context to return results based on what you’re looking at. Search across a global content clearinghouse to find the content items (technical data packages) you need. Search within data packages to find components such as documents, 2D drawings, 3D CAD models, bill of materials (BOM) and more. Search within components to find the specific information you’re looking for such as product manufacturing information (PMI) in a drawing, model views in a 3D model, part list information in the BOM, or text components in a document. You can even search across activities like searching your email inbox to find specific conversations in the context of the product data being discussed, giving you fully traceable collaboration. All you need is Anark Collaborate and a web browser on any device for fast, flexible product data search.  And with Anark Collaborate search APIs, you can connect true technical content collaboration and enterprise search to any of your systems. Give everyone inside and outside your organization simple, secure access to the technical product information they need and innovate faster!