Defense Manufacturing December 2023

December 2023 Nashville, TN:  Anark sponsored this annual event of the leading Defense Manufacturing experts and supported a joint presentation at the Defense Manufacturing Conference 2023 in Nashville.  Anark continues to drive improvements in Manufacturing Supply Chain Collaboration initiatives with Aerospace and Defense OEMs, their suppliers and the government directly.

Anark participated in MxD's presentation on the value of creating an integrated digital platform via a joint project done with MxD on behalf of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This project was a starting point to modernize acquisition and supply chain activities to improve acquisition and production lead times for the DLA. Additional objectives included improved decision traceability, synchronized version control, and a standard communication framework across sourcing activities.

For more details on DMC 2023, please see the writeup we did on The 3 Takeaways from DMC 2023.


Anark plans to also be at DMC 2024 in Austin, TX December 2-5, 2024.

Update Feb 23. 2024:  Anark and MxD together win the Office of the Secretary of Defense ManTech's Organic Industrial Base )OIB)  Modernization Challenge for a Closed Loop Technical Data Exchange that meets the OIB where they work!  Anark is very excited to continue the work started with MxD and the DOD.  The Department of Defense Organic Industrial Base, comprised of depots, arsenals, and shipyards, is a critical part of our national security apparatus. Its mission is to maintain, reset, and repair the platforms, equipment, and supplies of our Armed Forces. Anark's Technical Data Collaboration platform will be in the middle of these efforts and we look forward to this project.

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