Collaboration Insights from 200 Manufacturers

See What Your Peers Are Saying About the State of Manufacturing Collaboration in Their Company

This new eBook summarizes the responses from 200 manufacturers into an easy to consume research report. The report covers the current challenges, the desired solution, and the value gained from improving technical content collaboration for manufacturers and their suppliers. The study, titled Technical Content Collaboration Maturity, was conducted by Lifecycle Insights in partnership with Anark. Lifecycle Insights surveyed over 200 respondents to understand the maturity of their company’s technical content collaboration processes. In addition, the study sought insight into companies’ initiatives to improve those processes. Survey respondents  represented various company sizes across numerous industry verticals. 

In addition to this free report below, the complete research is available upon request. 

What’s inside:

  • State of technical content collaboration today, including the extent of the problem for manufacturers as they see it. 
  • Key capabilities required to overcome the top challenges,
  • The value attainable for manufacturers who choose to focus on improving collaboration starting now
  • Key topic areas include IP security, impact on engineering manufacturing and supplier performance, internal technical content collaboration, as well as external collaboration with suppliers and contract manufacturers

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