Cohu - Realizing Manufacturing Digital Thread Value

Cohu's Digital Transformation Journey

Cohu manufactures products for the semiconductor industry. It is a demanding field; their products are changing constantly to reflect industry innovation. Anark Core provides them with a modern, intelligent digital manufacturing communications platform. “When I joined as CIO, we needed to simplify our landscape, streamline our business processes, and integrate our tools so we could focus on innovation,” says Craig Halterman, Coho Chief Information Officer. 

Halterman says the use of Anark Core and Oracle Cloud allows Cohu to “connect our integrated digital thread environment to our people, including our supply chain.”  

5 Minute Cohu Summary

Cohu's Digital Transformation - Full Webinar

The IndustryWeek webinar with Cohu CIO, Craig Halterman; Oracle Group VP of Manufacturing Industries, John Barcus; and Anark CTO, Scott Collins showcases how Oracle Product Development & Manufacturing Cloud with Anark’s intelligent content & work management capabilities enable Cohu, a leading semiconductor & PCB test equipment manufacturer, to greatly improve visibility and efficiency throughout its outsourced manufacturing operations on a global scale.

From this discussion, you will learn:

  • The business benefits from using a single integrated cloud platform for ERP and supply chain across engineering and manufacturing sites
  • How Cohu improved visibility, quality and efficiencies across their extended supply chain through integrated visualization and collaboration
  • How they support common and consistent best in class processes across manufacturing sites and suppliers throughout the world

Anark Oracle Cohu IndustryWeek Webinar Sept2020

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