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Connecting people to the digital thread has never been easier

  • Secure mobile access to rev-controlled technical data: BOM, CAD, schematics, plant diagrams, procedures
  • Navigate a browser-based mobile experience, including favorites and other common actions
  • Stream content to ensure reliable access even in unreliable networks
  • Unite cross-functional teams asynchronously with digital workflows
  • Solve problems quickly with graphical markups and contextual collaboration
  • Track conversations, and trace history of work

Solutions That Connect Everyone

Anark Core MBEWeb securely connects people to the information they need to perform their job with modern digital workflows that protect your intellectual property. 

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Download the Anark Core Product Datasheet to learn how you can automatically transform you data into TDPs and connect your people to your digital thread and each other, providing secure access and visual collaboration from nearly any device.

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Download the Anark Core Product and Price Guide to discover which package is right for you to get started on the path to empowering your people with the knowledge they need to improve performance across manufacturing, supply chain and field service.

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Improved Access

Allow knowledge workers to access rev-controlled technical information on any device through an easy-to-use browser-based interface.  Technical data mashups allow the correct information to be provided to the user, with full context for their role.  Off-line access means that field service technicians can continue to use the system, even when they are out of range of cellular and other wireless networks.

360 Collaboration

Bring together cross-functional teams to identify and solve problems and improve quality with easy-to-use, social-media-style collaboration, including graphical mark-up and user-uploaded content.  Traditionally siloed functional areas can communicate and collaborate with technical data critical for the enterprise, substantially improving product and services outcomes.

Enterprise Scalability

Anark Core MBEWeb offers fully scalable web content management with customizable interactive templates, custom metadata schemas, flexible user authentication and access control, faceted search capabilities, and content-aware DRM, with full traceability for compliance.  The system can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

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