Anark's Mobile First User Experience Simplifies Digital Thread Access

Connecting people to the technical data they need has never been easier

Boulder, Colorado - November 2, 2021 - Anark Corporation today announced that it has enhanced its capabilities for connecting people to the digital thread with the release of Anark Core 4.5.59. The newly released capabilities include an innovative mobile-first user experience (watch the product video on the linked page) that makes it easier than ever to provide secure access and collaboration for both technical and non-technical content.

With the addition of a mobile-first user experience, Anark Collaborate is now the only content collaboration platform capable of securely serving up complex technical data in an intuitive, browser-based user experience on any device. "If you can use a smart phone, you can now interact with complex 3D CAD, BOM, drawings, schematics, and other technical content, as well as any number of traditional documents. This was an important investment to make to ensure that anyone can get connected to their business's digital thread. Nearly all the world's knowledge is available from your smartphone, and now so is your technical data," said Scott Collins, CTO, Anark. "Secure mobile access to technical content means that your suppliers and contract manufacturers, in house manufacturing, and service teams can find the critical information that they all need to perform their jobs, but without the paper and without the fuss, all from their smart mobile devices."

To unite cross functional teams in the supply chain, manufacturing, and aftermarket service Anark Collaborate offers easy to use activities-based, visual collaboration to solve problems quickly while remaining fully traceable. With Anark's mobile-first UX, anyone can graphically markup technical content or uploaded photos to bring attention to problems, ask questions or suggest solutions, using only their mobile phone. When a user posts comments and markups to an activity, the activity participants are all notified in the application or via email, allowing them to jump directly into the conversation. By bringing mobile-capable technical content together with easy-to-use graphical markup tools, secure content sharing, full traceability, and participant notifications, teams can work together asynchronously in the office, on the plant floor, or in the field.

The full mobile first user experience enhances a number of key capabilities that lead to business value:

  • Secure mobile access to up-to-date technical data: 3D CAD, BOM, drawings, schematics, plant diagrams, procedures

  • Navigate a browser-based mobile experience, including favorites and other common actions

  • Stream content to ensure reliable access even in unreliable networks

  • Unite cross-functional teams asynchronously

  • Solve problems quickly with graphical markups and contextual collaboration

  • Track conversations, and trace history of work

"The era of digital transformation has introduced a variety of powerful solutions for those experts who use them every day. But it has also created new digital silos of inaccessible data and documents at almost every company. Sometimes it's inaccessible due to security policies, and other times its simply difficult to remember how and where to find the required information so people give up, and delays occur. The mobile first user experience is the next step in our mission to make both technical and non-technical content easily accessible for anyone, anywhere, on any device," says Patrick Dunfey, VP of Marketing and Sales Enablement, Anark.

With the new mobile first user experience, Anark has significantly expanded the amount of value that companies can gain from their digital threads, improving supply chain visibility and performance, reducing manufacturing errors, accelerating time-to-market, and optimizing field service.

About Anark Corporation

Anark is a leading provider of technical content collaboration software, empowering leading global manufacturers such as Boeing, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Allison Transmission, Ericsson, Cohu, Cisco, and the US DoD to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely, throughout engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, and field service operations. As a result, customers yield reduced delivery risk and material waste, and higher-quality products and services with substantial cost savings. Anark Core thrives within heterogenous data environments, enabling our customers to easily publish, manage, and deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.

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