Anark Collaborate Redefines Collaboration for Manufacturers

Boulder, CO, March 21, 2023: Anark Corporation today announced the release of Anark Collaborate, a new technical content collaboration platform that redefines collaboration for manufacturers and their suppliers by making technical product data accessible and actionable. Real-time chat with markups, product data visualization, traceable activities, and advanced IP security give everyone secure, barrier-free access to the data they need to do their best work so manufacturers can innovate faster. 

Anark Collaborate is designed for challenges faced by today’s manufacturers and their suppliers. Discrete manufacturers’ business processes are unique to their industry. Technical product data is complex and difficult to share. Employees are looking for seamless collaboration that meets them where they work. Anark Collaborate supports secure collaboration across the product lifecycle, understands technical product data and systems, and connects everyone to the data and expertise they’ve been missing. With this level of collaboration, engineering errors, scrap rates, delivery risks, and supplier performance all improve while delivering higher quality products and services. It is collaboration that manufacturers have been waiting for, and now it’s here. 

“For too long, manufacturers have made collaboration trade-offs between unwieldly, legacy product lifecycle applications and insecure communication tools like email and file sharing, that lack true collaboration and don’t understand technical product data. Today that all changes with the launch of Anark Collaborate. Content collaboration platforms and email are overdue for some disruption. Finally, manufacturers have a content collaboration platform that understands their business, their product data, and how the modern workforce gets work done.” -Fred Waugh, CEO of Anark Corporation

About Anark

Anark is a leading provider of technical content collaboration software, empowering manufacturers such as Boeing, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Schaeffler, Ericsson, Cohu, Cisco, and the U.S. Department of Defense to redefine the boundaries of collaboration so they can innovate faster. By making product data accessible and actionable, manufacturers and their suppliers reduce errors, scrap, rework, and delivery risk while producing higher-quality products and services.

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