Anark 4.5.74 Released

Anark release 4.5.74 includes the following new features and feature enhancements.

Anark Collaborate

  • Added an API endpoint to support deleting a component of a content item.
  • Improved the Work Item Process Step user interface and workflow with tabbed control replacing modal resulting in less clicks for end users. 

Anark Workstation - see featured release highlights in this demo video

  • Added support to allow a user to add, modify, or remove 3D primitive geometry objects in Anark Workstation. Initial support includes flat arrow primitives that may be positioned, oriented, and resized in 3D. 
  • Added support to allow a user to move selected component occurrence(s) to a selected point on a 3D face, for subsequent positioning using the placement handles. The moved 3D component will snap to the chosen face, such that the coordinate system origin of the 3D component coincides with the selected point and the orientation matches the orientation of the target’s coordinate system. User can also specify the position and orientation of a 3D component occurrence using typed numerical values, populated in the Anark Workstation user interface. 
  • Added support to allow a user to modify the color and transparency of any 3D component occurrence in Anark Workstation and capture it in a regular or animation-key-frame view. User can apply an optional color “flashing” animation on any component color change, component occurrence will pulse back and forth from the chosen color and the component’s default color. 

Anark Publish

  • Added Support for PTC Creo version 9.0
  • Added Support for Siemens NX version 2212 


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