Connecting People to the Digital Thread

Securely connect your people to a digital thread of information

Connections People Have Been Waiting For

With Anark, companies and government organizations connect their people to the digital thread, realizing new levels of engineering and supplier collaboration, manufacturing operational efficiency, and field service optimization. 

Anark - How it works overview video

How does Collaboration and Engineering Data Impact the Bottom Line? Leverage your Model-Based knowledge!

Learn how to leverage model-based engineering data to deliver upside across your business, uncover the top 5 myths about publishing and sharing technical data, and review real-world metrics and ROI that companies are realizing today.

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Anark Core transforms technical data and files into use-case-specific technical data packages (TDPs), providing secure access, contextualized visual collaboration, and work/quality data management for supply chain procurement, manufacturing, and field service/maintenance operations.

Customer Digital Transformation

Anark customers realize digital thread value through reduced engineering error rates, enhanced supplier visibility and performance, increased on-time delivery accuracy, improved product quality, and increased first time fix rates. Industries served include Aerospace & Defense, Electronics & High Tech, Life Sciences, Automotive, Energy, Transportation, Marine, and Utilities.

Anark 30 Second Overview - May2021