3D Model Based Information in One Click

Watch the brief demo video below to see how Anark Collaborate redefines communication for manufacturers.

What problem does this solve? Communicating information quickly and easily using 3D CAD to anyone who needs it is the model-based future we all deserve. Delivering it in a mobile-first, neutral and intuitive way is unfortunately a rare combination. This prevents everyone from quickly and easily understanding product design and manufacturing intent, asking important questions ahead of time and collaborating asynchronously.  

How does Anark Collaborate solve the problem? Pop-up callouts in an Anark Collaborate 3D Viewable content item enables users to quickly inspect CAD attributes with a click. When enabled, selecting an occurrence in a 3D Viewable will result in a leader style callout – displaying a configurable set of attribute keys and values, as linked to the occurrence and 3D location clicked. Anyone with secure access gets 3D model-based information in one click on any device. The callout information in the viewable content item is fully configurable at the time of publication. Pop-up callouts can be moved by simple selection and dragging the anchor. The leader or arrow will update with the view as users zoom, pan, and rotate. Improve supplier collaboration, manufacturing, and service operations, simplify data sharing, quickly deliver design packages to customers, and innovate faster by communicating information more efficiently to downstream 3D CAD consumers.