Prostep IVIP Symposium 2022

June 8-9, 2022 Stuttgart, Germany:   

Anark has found tremendous value as a working member of the Prostep IVIP community committed to solving real-world problems together.  Our involvement this week as a sponsor at Prostep IVIP Symposium 2022 was a great opportunity to rejoin our European customers and our partner Engineering Methods AG (:emAG)  as Germany opened up again to in-person-events.

One of the key activities that Anark is a participant in, and presented on to members at the event included the concept being developed of a Digital Data Package being accomplished through the use of Anark Core and the additional efforts from :emAG to provide a front end that allows for requirements and other important information to be visualized:

-Digital Data Package Project

-End-to-End Digitalization of 3D Product Information – ProSTEP iViP Article by Anark Partner emAG