Unlock the power of manufacturing collaboration

Anark's manufacturing collaboration research initiative explores the hidden costs of collaboration among manufacturers. The goal? Unlock the power of true manufacturing collaboration. The research will collect real-world experience from manufacturing companies to understand how collaboration makes or breaks bottom lines. 

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Manufacturing Collaboration Assessment

Everyone who participates in the research will receive the 100% anonymous results and a readout of your responses in a personalized report. This pay-it-forward approach will result in an unbiased view of the research with an immediate action plan for everyone who participates.

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Research Objectives


Uncover the Hidden Costs

The primary objective of this research is to identify the largest hidden costs of poor collaboration. For most manufacturers, there are gaps between departments created by the specialized applications they each use.  But because these gaps occur between teams, departments and organizations, it keeps the resulting costs largely hidden. This makes it difficult to identify the costs, the potential benefits, and where to focus limited resources.


Identify Best-fit Solutions

The secondary objective is to identify best-fit solutions. Too often, applications favor one user group over another. The result is a series of collaborative workspaces that work well for one group but not for others. This research intends to identify the common collaboration needs across teams, highlighting the most important capabilities that will close the gaps.


Understand Organizational Alignment

The third objective of our manufacturing collaboration research is to understand the level of organizational alignment across departments, and between executive teams, organizational leaders, and the people getting the work done every day. Do you think everyone will agree on what the biggest challenges? Do you think everyone will prefer similar solutions? Where are the quick wins? Where are the strategic game changers?