Supply Chain

Procurement Workflows

Anark Core allows OEMs to provide time-limited access to technical web content to qualified suppliers for RFx processes, with activities-based collaboration to facilitate integrated early-supplier-involvement (ESI) partnerships.

RFx Activities

Buyers can create RFx Activities for qualified suppliers and OEM cross functional teams, to facilitate supplier integration.  Time-limited access to technical web content can be provided, together with commenting and mark-up tools for social-media-style technical collaboration with full traceability.

Fileless Access

Anark Core transforms most technical data into technical web content mashups, allowing modern browser-based access to complex requirements information, limiting the use of files–for improved digital rights management (DRM) and easier access on any device, while retaining printing support.

Production and Delivery

Allow cross functional teams in the supply chain to work through problems in production.  Suppliers can access technical web content referenced in the purchase order, and upload files and data such as smartphone photos from the factory floor or packaging and shipping, to communicate problems as they occur.

Integrate Cross-Functional Teams

Bring together buyers, product designers, and manufacturing know-how in the supply chain.

Benefits for Procurement

  • Provides browser-based access to revision-controlled technical data without the need for desktop viewer applications,
  • Allows critical technical problems to be resolved during product ideation,
  • Identify and reduce supplier capability risks,
  • Increases manufacturing knowledge share between OEM and suppliers,
  • Increases qualified supplier bid participation, with lower bids,
  • More quickly identify and resolve production problems as they occur, and
  • Reduces product delay risks.


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