Intelligent Manufacturing Operations

Improve performance, gain insight into your processes and people, and optimize your manufacturing operations by connecting your people to your manufacturing digital thread.

See the customer spotlight of Cohu Corporation and how they are effectively leveraging Model-Based Engineering data across their extended manufacturing supply chain.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

Reduce Manufacturing Costs

  • Engineers and writers regain time lost to labor intensive work instruction creation by using automated sourcing and publishing tools
  • Planners reduce time on site debugging issues with real-time chat and collaboration tools
  • Operators and technicians reduce time spent deciphering work instructions with visual model-based information
Improved Delivery Forecasts

Improve Delivery Forecasts

  • Planners have visibility to production issues and address them with real-time chat and markups before they become delays
  • Operators and technicians stay on schedule with immediate answers from engineering and other subject matter experts
  • Engineers and subject matter experts can address issues without requiring time on site
Improved Product Quality

Improve Product Quality

  • Quality engineers gain confidence that the intent of the quality plan is understood.
  • Operators and technicians submit critical to quality feedback from the factory floor within the correct technical context of the work being done
  • Planners eliminate the risk of sharing outdated information with workflow triggered release of manufacturing content

Realizing Manufacturing Digital Thread Value

Craig Halterman, CIO of Cohu, explains how they overcame the challenges of many disparate acquisitions and supplier visibility by connecting their people to a digital thread of manufacturing information. 

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Secure IP Across The Manufacturing Supply Chain

Sharing technical data with contract manufacturers introduces efficiencies as well as security risks. Learn how top security-focused companies and government agencies overcome these cybersecurity challenges.

Secure IP Cybersecurity
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Anark Core Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing Collaboration

Anark Core enables companies to deliver dynamic work packages, visual work instructions and real-time collaboration to its suppliers to optimize manufacturing operations. Download the Anark Core datasheet and explore Anark Core Workstation, Server and MBEWeb to learn more.

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Work Instructions

Visual Work Instructions

Deliver and consume instructions that are easy to understand, and that capture quality information in the correct technical context. 

Dynamic Manufacturing Work Packages

Dynamic Work Packages

Automatically source, assemble and publish files and model-based information from multiple systems of record.
Real-time Supply Chain Collaboration

Real-time Collaboration

Activity based collaboration means your people discuss issues in the context of their work before they become delays or quality problems. 

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