Anark at Zuken Innovation World Digital Engineering Event August 2021

Presentation Overview

In the 15-minute video below from the Zuken Innovation World (ZIW) event, Anark's Senior Director of Product Marketing, Patrick Dunfey, discusses how to improve digital engineering collaboration by connecting people, not just IT systems, to a digital thread of technical information. See use case software demos of Anark Core. And learn how companies enable visual verification and validation in the context of the detailed design data itself, on-board component manufacturers more efficiently, and improve on-time delivery of quality components and products to their customers.

HubSpot Video


Presentation Abstract

More people than ever before need to be connected to your Digital Engineering processes. This includes experts that use your technical systems and tools every day and many that do not. Watch this session to learn how Anark helps companies:

  • Improve product collaboration and decision-making by connecting people to a Digital Thread and each other

  • Publish technical data packages (TDPs) to share system design requirements and disposition those requirements as part of a traceable verification process.

  • Streamline reviews related to require verification.

  • Collaborate in the context of technical information that spans requirements, procurement, design, manufacturing, and field service.

Learn More

Learn more about the Anark Products and Solutions that transform multisource documents and technical data into use-case-specific technical data packages (TDPs), offering secure managed access and visual collaboration from nearly any device, with modern digital workflows—realizing new levels of engineering and supplier collaboration, manufacturing operational efficiency, and field service optimization.