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How Will the Manufacturing Digital Thread Impact Your Digital Transformation in 2021?

A connected workforce across engineering, manufacturing production, supply chain, and service operations is the key to increasing agility, efficiency, and product quality while reducing operational costs.

By:  Stephen Collins | Anark CEO and Co-Founder on February 17, 2021

Digital transformation in your manufacturing operation is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Your mission has grown beyond implementing and managing integrated manufacturing IT systems. You now need to bring that data together to connect your people and processes, delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time. This is the (critical) role of the Digital Thread in 2021.

“Industry 4.0 encompasses a promise of a new industrial revolution…to create manufacturing systems that are not only interconnected, but communicate, analyze, and use information to drive further intelligent action...” -Deloitte Insights: Industry 4.0

Manufacturers have been transitioning to digital for years – existing MBSE, CAD, CAM, PLM, ERP, MES, Production, Quality, MRO, and SCM implementations all manage digital data. But to achieve the Industry 4.0 vision of scalability in digital manufacturing, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) now need to combine content from an array of these systems into singular stream of collaborative feeds- delivering it your people when and where it is needed.

At the end of the day, it is imperative that the people designing, managing, producing, and servicing your products have access to all pertinent information and expertise, wherever they are, to successfully do their jobs. They need team chat, content management, collaboration workflows, and authoritative technical data without jumping across multiple systems – which could delay the project and introduce the potential for error. By connecting people to your digital thread, and each other, you improve efficiency, eliminate roadblocks, and improve decision-making, all while optimizing your total cost of operation. This is where the Manufacturing Digital Thread from Anark can transform your operations and provide competitive advantage.

Why should you connect your people to the Digital Thread?

As your company’s leader, you need to be able to take those unconnected digital threads within your manufacturing organization and combine them into an intelligent, central information management stream that makes sense to the company’s top- and bottom-line.

  • Connecting engineering information across varied engineering disciplines and beyond maximizes the value of engineering investments and enhances the performance of all teams across a model-based enterprise.
  • Securely, easily, and quickly connecting your production teams and contract manufacturers to your manufacturing data delivers greater agility, better product quality, improved time-to-market, and greater operational efficiencies.
  • Sharing your information securely, yet easily, with suppliers allows improved strategic sourcing, enhanced supplier efficiency, and responsiveness.
  • Delivering accurate, reliable information and instructions to your service teams drives service growth and profitability with loyal, happy customers.

You’re Not Expected to Give up Your Existing Systems

We know you have invested significant time and money implementing your enterprise systems; realizing value for the teams who use them every day. But we also recognize that it is hard to look across these systems to achieve the vision of a true digital thread for manufacturing. These powerful systems do little to connect the people who matter most– your engineering teams to your shop floor workers, your suppliers, your MRO teams and providers –who develop, produce, assemble, support, and repair your products.

Anark software solutions for intelligent information management thrive within these heterogeneous data environments, enabling manufacturers to combine that plethora of digital information securely and easily, into a new manufacturing digital thread for your key people, suppliers, and partners. The result is a new level of productivity and quality as you transform into a truly digital manufacturing operation.

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