National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) 50th Anniversary Meetings

Anark joining the NSRP 50th anniversary virtual gathering of all nine NSRP Panels (shipbuilding working areas) and their participants in March 2021.  This special event consisted of many technical presentations given on both NSRP and Navy ManTech projects as well as updates from each of the separate panels plus Navy ManTech Center of Excellence Updates.

Anark continues to engage with the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) virtually as we support an assortment of Digital Shipbuilding activities directly with industry and government partners to deploy the Anark Core Intelligent Information Management (IIM) platform.

Anark’s shipbuilding customers are able to easily transform, publish and manage critical engineering, manufacturing and operational data as powerful, role-specific technical content and connected digital workflows that can be consumed on virtually any desktop, mobile or wearable device. This empowers knowledge workers along the shipbuilding Digital Thread to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely throughout manufacturing, supply-chain and maintenance operations.

NSRP Advanced Shipbuilding Enterprise
Anark Shipbuilding Summary including the U.S. Navy Model Based Product Support (MBPS) program