Purdue Digital Enterprise Center Fall 2020 Meetings

Anark was honored to support the Purdue Digital Enterprise Center Fall 2020 Virtual Meetings as a leader of industry looking to solve difficult challenges and provide concrete ideas and suggestions for how to implement and use the digital thread.

Anark CEO and Co-Founder Stephen Collins participated in a panel to kick off the event entitled:

Establishing the Digital Thread – Framing the Challenges and Opportunities

This session addressed the importance of establishing, and using, a digital thread in standard business practices.  While all supporting technologies are “production ready,” significant challenges confront companies as they attempt to stitch the necessary components together, revise employee workflows, and adapt organizational structures and incentives to realize the available benefits.

Anark and Purdue have been partnering since early 2018 when Anark provided automated publishing and collaboration software and training materials that enabled university students and professional education program participants with access to best-in-class tools, technology and course-ware materials, especially for Model Based Enterprise related activities.  We look forward to our continued engagement with Purdue.

Purdue Digital Enterprise Center Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting: Establishing the Digital Thread
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