PDF Association OctoberPDFest 2020

The PDF Association assembled dozens of the world’s leading experts on PDF technology for a free educational webinar series celebrating the diversity of PDF technology capabilities and solutions and Anark is proud to be a part of this as part of our long term commitment as the premier standards based provider of  Intelligent Information Management.   Anark CEO Stephen Collins presented:  “Harnessing the Power of Open Standards in Manufacturing” where he discussed the latest standards, best practices, innovations and ideas about leveraging the powerful and ubiquitous PDF technology.

The PDF Association and the 3D PDF Consortium have also partnered to develop a high-level introduction to the role and capabilities of PDF technology with respect to manufacturing industries. The publication, with the support of Anark, was developed and intended as non-commercial educational content for using PDF in Manufacturing.  Please download and see the value Anark has provided in the development of 3D PDF as a productive standard for providing efficient exchange of Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Field Service Technical Data Packages.

OctoberPDFest 2020 Event Presentations
“PDF in Manufacturing” helps explain the modern revolution in manufacturing design