Zuken Partner Webinar – Anark Visual Collaboration Enhances Zuken Digital Engineering – August 2020

Anark presented as part of the Zuken Digital Engineering Webinar Series in August 2020 where together we explored the Digital Thread within the Digital Engineering process.  The Digital Thread is the communication foundation underlying the collaboration and decision-making processes.  With a focus on electrical and electronic design processes, this webinar considered how the Digital Thread can support an Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) design process including design review and requirement verification.

This webinar was recorded and viewers will have a better understanding of how visualization and collaboration between requirements and design functions can ensure that system requirements are achieved and documented for improved results.

What you will learn:

  1. How a browser-based solution can facilitate digital communications across your organization
  2. How those digital conversations can support the entire product life cycle
  3. How technical data packages can be constructed for the purposes of procurement, design reviews and manufacturing workflows
  4. How visualization and collaboration between electrical and mechanical design teams communicate design intent to meet system requirements.

Presenters included:

  • Stephen Collins, Anark CEO and Co-Founder
  • Paul Perreault, Anark Senior Director of Technical Sales
  • Bob Potock, Zuken USA Vice President of Marketing
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