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Anark to Observe “Juneteenth” as Day for Equality

Dear Friends,

During the past few months we have seen the huge impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on so many aspects of our daily lives that we have often taken for granted.  We are all concerned for the health and well-being of our families, friends, and colleagues, and we are concerned about the long-term impact on our economy as we look forward to eventually returning to a new state of normal.

Here in the US and elsewhere, we have seen disproportionate impacts between different racial and socio-economic groups, both in terms of health outcomes and economic impacts due to the shutdown.  This has provided us with stark reminders of just how big the divide still is in this country that was founded on the principals of equality and opportunity for all its citizens.

Additionally, the recent tragic killings of African Americans have highlighted the pervasive racism and systemic injustice borne by racial minorities in our country.

Anark is a company made up of amazing people from different parts of the US and the world, and we of course serve valued customers and partners around the globe.  We are aware that systemic discrimination exists both here and abroad based upon race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious factors.  All forms of ​systemic discrimination are intolerable, and it’s up to each of us to do our part to make a positive impact for change.

As a company we are deepening our commitment and raising our voice in support of equality and social justice.  Anark is identifying new ways that we can make a positive impact, alone and in partnership with organizations that are dedicated to turning the tide for disenfranchised groups, by supporting access to education, professional growth opportunities, and social justice reform.

As one small step, we are joining like-minded companies in recognizing Friday, June 19th as a paid day off for all Anark employees as a “Day for Equality”.  We encourage our team members to spend that time supporting any human rights and social justice issues that they feel are important.

June 19th is an informal US holiday called Juneteenth, which commemorates the date when the last slaves still held in captivity after the Civil War were finally freed.  This day serves as reminder of both how much has been sacrificed for racial equality, and yet how far we still must go.

These are extraordinary times on many levels.  In the midst of this historic moment, with a pandemic raging and an outpouring of voices against systemic racism, there is a great opportunity for real advancements in the fight for social justice.

We encourage our customers and partners to talk and exchange ideas around these issues and find new ways to work together to make real and sustainable progress and change in the movement toward equality for everyone.


Team Anark

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