Webinar – GE Power’s Digital Supply Chain Collaboration Transformation

Anark presented together with GE Power as part of the COE “Ask-The-Expert” Webinar Series earlier in 2020.

Leading global manufacturers like GE Power and their supplier communities are under increasing pressure to drive greater efficiencies, improve product quality, and accelerate new product introduction (NPI) cycles through the adoption and implementation of more modern, connected, digital processes and solutions.

During the webinar, Kena Yokoyama, Engineering Manager for Product Definition, GE Gas Power had the following to say:

            “Our error rate has been coming down by a significant amount every year…

             …with Anark our error rate has gone down to 5% to 10% which is much lower than it used to be.”

Supplier Collaboration at many manufacturers is often still managed as an ad-hoc and disconnected set of activities in which OEMs and their suppliers rely on outdated modes of technical data access and collaboration, including communicating and managing purchasing and supplier bid activities via an array of inefficient and inconsistent tools such as email, faxed drawings, phone calls, or unmanaged, general portal solutions.

This webinar provided an overview of the GE Power journey, enabled by 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA and Anark Core MBEWeb, which has resulted in a modern, flexible, web-based approach and system for more secure, effective and traceable collaboration with their supplier partners.

Some valuable lessons uncovered included:

  • Common stumbling blocks and costs associated with outdated and disconnected supplier collaboration and purchasing processes.
  • How secure, connected, role-specific Technical Data Packages (TDPs), with support for a complete array of technical data types such as 3D MCAD (with MBD), 3D ECAD, 2D drawings, BOMs, text, and images, enable more effective data exchange and collaboration between OEMs and their suppliers through an entire bid and PO award cycle.
  • Importance of “data-coherency” – Ensuring that OEMs and suppliers are always utilizing the current and correct version of critical technical data.
  • How intuitive, contextual technical and visual collaboration leads to accelerated supplier-bid cycles, improved quality, reduced risk, and greater real-time visibility to contract manufacturing partners’ Work-in-Progress (WIP) status.

Anark would like to thank our customer and partner in this ongoing project with GE Power:

  • Kena Yokoyama,  Engineering Manager Product Definition, GE Gas Power

Please see the video of this webinar below or contact Anark for more information.

GE Power’s Digital Supply Chain Collaboration Transformation Journey – Video
GE Power Supplier Portal – Anark Core MBEWeb Introduction