MBE Summit at the National Institute of Standards (NIST)

The Model Based Enterprise Summit at the National Institute of Standards in Gaithersburg, MD has been a bedrock Anark event for over a decade.  The theme in 2021 was Increasing MBE Adoption and Implementation, a subject that coincides perfectly with the trends that Anark has seen in deploying effective Model Based Enterprise (MBE) enabled Digital Thread solutions. Anark was an active participant in many of the virtual discussions and this community was as vibrant as ever in communicating current best practices on Model Based Systems Engineering, Design and Model Based Enterprise along with other related topics.

Please contact Anark for a virtual showcase on how how innovative manufacturing organizations are overcoming common obstacles to effective digitalization such as interoperability limitations, rigid legacy systems, closed-proprietary solutions, disconnected & ad-hoc collaboration practices, ecosystem technical alignment, and perhaps most importantly, overcoming cultural challenges.

Anark looks forward to highlighting our real-world implementations of Intelligent Information Management for anyone that is interested in Increasing MBE Adoption and Implementation.

MBESummit 2021 Virtual Event