Webinar – Anark & PTC/USER – Anark Core & Visual Collaboration – The Power of the Connected TDP

Anark presented as part of the PTC/USER Webinar Series earlier in 2020.

Anark Intelligent Information Management & Visual Collaboration – The Power of the Connected Technical Data Package (TDP)

Paul Perreault, Director of Technical Sales, with the support of Jim Merry, Senior Director of Enterprise Sales showcased Anark Core, the company’s Intelligent Information Management & Visual Collaboration platform. They demonstrated how this powerful platform empowers connected and collaborative Model-Based Enterprise & Digital Thread applications for leading Anark-PTC customers such as Lockheed-Martin, Ericsson, Cisco, TE Connectivity, and the US Navy.

This session included real-world customer deployment success stories, and focused on how Anark integrates with and extends the capability and value of PTC platforms and products such as Windchill, Creo, Thingworx, and Navigate, showcasing how it can unite cross-functional teams and partner organizations for improved technical data access, collaboration, and real-time decision making throughout supply-chain, manufacturing, and field service operations.

Webinar participants learned valuable lessons, including:

  • Common stumbling blocks and costs associated with outdated and disconnected supplier, manufacturing and field service data access and collaboration.
  • How secure, connected, role-specific Technical Data Packages (TDPs) and digital workflows, with support for a complete array of technical data types such as 3D MCAD (with MBD), 3D ECAD, 2D drawings, BOMs, text, and images, enable more effective data access and collaboration between OEMs and their suppliers, and throughout the extended enterprise.
  • Importance of “data-coherency” – Ensuring knowledge workers along the digital thread are utilizing current and correct version of critical technical data.
  • How intuitive, contextual visual collaboration, with notifications and graphical markup capabilities empowers accelerated supplier-bid cycles, improved quality, reduced risk, and greater real-time visibility to contract manufacturing partners’ Work-in-Progress status.

Please see the video of this webinar below or contact Anark for more information.

PTC/USER Webinar Video – The Power of the Connected TDP
Anark Participation in the U.S. Navy Model Based Product Support (MBPS) program
PTC ThingWorx Navigate Technical Data Package Applications Release