CIMDATA PLM Road Map & PDT 2020

Anark sponsored and presented at the CIMDATA PLM Road Map & PDT Fall 2020 virtual event where the theme this year was:

     Digital Thread—the PLM Professionals’ Path to Delivering Innovation, Efficiency, and Quality

Anark CEO and Co-Founder Stephen Collins presented on the topic of:

     Essential Elements to Creating a Connected and Collaborative Digital Enterprise

During this session, Mr. Collins addressed the topic of how successful global manufacturers are yielding substantial performance benefits by implementing effective Digital Transformation strategies built upon modern Industry 4.0, Digital Thread/Twin, IIOT, 3D MBE-based processes and technologies to empower more effective and secure data access and collaboration throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply-chain and field-service operations.   Learn how innovative industry leaders are overcoming common obstacles to effective digitalization such as interoperability limitations, rigid legacy systems, management alignment and cultural challenges, and better understand the need to digitalize a broad array of technical data types and formats in order to come to market faster, with higher quality products, at substantially reduced costs.

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