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Anark COVID-19 Update – Taking Care of Our Employees, Customers, and Partners

Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends,

Anark has the privilege of supporting many of the world’s most innovative global manufacturing organizations and their supplier communities, and we are committed to empowering their successful Digital Transformation initiatives.

At the heart of these companies are the wonderful and caring people who really make everything happen.

Anark is proud of the steps our customers have taken to ensure the health and safety of their employees, while quickly adapting their infrastructure and processes in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since the middle of March 2020, Anark has focused on completing our own transition to a “work-from-home” company in order to protect our team members and their families.

During that time, we have also been engaging with our customers to learn how we can best support them during their own COVID-19 related transitions and challenges.

Anark is committed to the well-being of its employees, and to working proactively to ensure that our customers can do the same while still communicating, collaborating, and innovating effectively from any location.

As we all navigate through this challenging time together, we encourage our customers and partners to stay in close touch, and please let us know how Anark can continue to adapt to help you address your evolving needs.

Please stay healthy and safe,

Stephen Collins
Co-Founder & CEO
Anark Corporation