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Recipes & Content Authoring

Anark Core Workstation allows subject matter experts to author fit-for-purpose technical content mashups one-by-one, or author and deploy recipes to Anark Core Server for server-side publishing automation.

Multi-data Support

Anark Core Workstation provides advanced web content and PDF authoring and publishing capabilities, supporting the following data types:

  • Paginated documents such as product requirements, material specifications, work instructions, and maintenance guidelines,
  • Photographs and diagrams,
  • 2D drawings and schematics,
  • 3D MCAD (with available integrations to support MBD/MBE),
  • 3D ECAD (with support for associated schematics),
  • XML, CSV, and Excel structured data such as BOM, quality information, notes, and process information, and
  • Structured attribute data from REST services, and
  • IOT data streams with Anark Core MBEWeb.


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