Business Rules for Publishing Automation

With Anark Core Workstation subject-matter experts create “recipes” or "business rules" that describe how imported data is to be transformed and published as technical web content to Anark Core MBEWeb or as stand-alone PDF documents. Recipes created with Anark Core Workstation can be used to publish content items manually, or deployed to Anark Core Server for fully automated publishing.

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Industry Solutions

Anark Solutions connect the Digital Thread by bringing together knowledge workers and the technical information that they need for their role, with modern digital workflows. IT organizations can implement multi-data web content management with Anark Core instead of file-based viewers and untraceable email and web conferences.

anark-home-card-1-1Supply Chain

Anark Core allows OEMs to provide time-limited access to technical web content to suppliers for RFx processes, with activities-based collaboration to facilitate better OEM-supplier integration.                                    



Anark Core provides access to rev-controlled technical web content, with work and quality management workflows for the plant floor, together with activities-based collaboration for operational problem solving.


anark-home-card-2-2Field Service

Anark Core provides mobile-friendly, on-and-off-line access to rev-controlled technical web content to field technicians, work and quality management, and activities-based collaboration.                               



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