The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences fuels innovative solutions for manufacturers. A nonprofit, member-based consortium, the organization’s objective is to drive the global competitiveness of North American Manufacturers through collaboration, innovation, and advanced technologies.


Established in 1982, the Automotive Industry Action Group is a not-for-profit association where professionals from a diverse group of stakeholders – including retailers, suppliers of all sizes, automakers, manufacturers, service providers, academia, and government – work collaboratively to streamline industry processes via global standards development & harmonized business practices.


The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, a federally-funded research and development organization, encourages factories across America to deploy digital manufacturing and design technologies, so those factories can become more efficient and cost-competitive.

Anark Corporation is a Tier 3 Industry member.

Khronos Group

The Khronos Group is a member-funded industry consortium focused on the creation of open standard APIs to enable graphical presentation on a wide variety of platforms and devices.  Anark has embraced glTF for 3D data as an open-standards format to store and stream 3D data for browser-based technical content.  glTF has become the leading standard for 3D visualization data, with built-in support on virtually every computing platform.

IPC-2581 Consortium

Comprised of end-users and software vendors, the IPC-2581 Consortium seeks to encourage the continued development and adoption of IPC-2581 as an open standard for printed circuit board and assembly manufacturing description data and transfer methodology.  Anark is a member of the IPC-2581 Consortium.

3D PDF Consortium

Comprised of end-users, software vendors, systems integrators, and software development toolkit providers, the 3D PDF Consortium organization seeks to encourage the continued development and adoption of 3D PDF as an open standard for visualization, collaboration, data exchange, and the long-term archiving and retrieval engineering data.  Anark is a founding partner and member of the board.

prostep ivip

prostep ivip Association is focused on the digital transformation in product development and production. As a driving force behind digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, prostep ivip focuses and coordinates the requirements of manufacturers and suppliers. The goal is to define standards and interfaces, especially for the digitization of the entire product creation process – from the idea through to implementation.