Global Product Data Interoperability Summit – September 16-19, 2019

Global Product Data Interoperability Summit – September 16-19, 2019

Anark will once again sponsor GPDIS 2019 where we plan to discuss how Anark Core™ Intelligent Information Management (IIM) accelerates digital transformation.  This will include the latest advances in technical data sharing, 3D MBE publishing, and activity based visual collaboration as powerful processes and technologies that empower more effective, efficient, and secure collaboration throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and field service operations.

Anark will be presenting “Intelligent Information Management – Empowering a Connected and Collaborative Model Based Enterprise” on Monday September 16th at 2:50PM local time in the Palo Verde Room.

Anark will also be jointly presenting with ITI on the subject of “Publication and Validation Strategies to enable a Model Based Ecosystem” on Tuesday September 17th at 4:50PM local time in the Geronimo room.  This technical discussion will be a review of standards based technical data formats and data streams, and strategies for achieving automation in publication and validation.  Well known formats including 3D PDF, STEP, and QIF will be discussed, and the conversation extended into emerging structured data streams such as HTML5 and GLTF.

GPDIS functions as a communications hub for industry principals to foster knowledge through the exchange of ideas, solutions, and methods. It also builds consensus for tool and process standards in the industry and Anark has been an active participant in this event for a number of years.

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Anark and ITI presentation of the Award-Winning NAVAIR PMA-261 3D Digital Transformation Project