Anark Industry Affiliations

3D PDF Consortium

Comprised of end-users, software vendors, systems integrators, developers, and software development toolkit providers, the 3D PDF Consortium organization seeks to encourage the continued development and adoption of 3D PDF as a truly open standard for visualization, collaboration, data exchange, and the long-term archiving and retrieval engineering data. Anark is a founding partner and member of the board.

3D PDF Consortium


The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences fuels innovative solutions for manufacturers. A nonprofit, member-based consortium, the organization’s objective is to drive the global competitiveness of North American Manufacturers through collaboration, innovation, and advanced technologies.



Established in 1982, the Automotive Industry Action Group is a not-for-profit association where professionals from a diverse group of stakeholders - including retailers, suppliers of all sizes, automakers, manufacturers, service providers, academia, and government - work collaboratively to streamline industry processes via global standards development & harmonized business practices.

Automotive Industry Action Group Logo


The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, a federally-funded research and development organization, encourages factories across America to deploy digital manufacturing and design technologies, so those factories can become more efficient and cost-competitive.

Anark Corporation is a Tier 3 Industry member.


S1000D (Committee Membership)

Anark is a member of the S1000D standards committee. This Specification has been produced to establish standards for the documentation of any civil or military vehicle or equipment. It is based on international standards such as SGML/XML and CGM for production and use of electronic documentation.

In addition, it defines a Common Source Data Base (CSDB) to provide source information for compilation of the publications and for use in electronic logistics information systems to deliver modules of information direct to the user.


Khronos Group

The Khronos Group is a member-funded industry consortium focused on the creation of open standard APIs to enable the authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices. As an active member, Anark contributes to the development of Khronos API specifications and helps accelerate the delivery of 3D platforms and applications. Anark has embraced the Khronos XML-based COLLADA schema throughout its software suite as a way to easily transport 3D assets between various content authoring applications.

Khronos Group

Intel / U3D / 3DIF

Interactive 3D graphics are a powerful medium for the communication of ideas, the education of people and as a source of entertainment. However, while digital audio, video, and photos are exchanged easily via the Internet and across computing applications, technical barriers have prevented similar widespread use of interactive 3D content.

Intel, along with other 3D industry organizations, has established a forum to develop a standard file format and sample runtime libraries designed to support the efficient reuse of 3D data in mainstream applications. As a contributing member, Anark is actively working with Intel and other U3D organizations to further the acceptance the ISO accepted standard for 3D objects and Computer Aided Design (CAD).